Actually, I am on a diet in the sense that I’ve limited my intake of food (am not subscribing to any fad diet). But I do crave so I decided that if I cannot satisfy my tummy, might as well please the eye:

Sushi! I love drowning them in wasabi for that burn-in-your-nose sensation.

Kebabs! For that healthy, delicious taste.

Pasta is another winner and I prefer it doused in red sauce. With salmon, too.

Now, where would this list be without chocolate? I epsecially love truffles but it is absolutely lethal on the waistline.

I am a sucker for cheese and pizza is one of my favorite choices. Actually, I could pretty much devour some blue cheese with freshly baked baguettes. Another waistline hitter.

Blinis with smoked caviar and sour cream. A Russian appetizer which I love – a blend of sweet, salty and sour.

I’ve always wanted to try steak, cooked to a medium rare but my mother insists I eat only well done. Ugh. Someday, someday.

And I would finish these off with:

Coke with whiskey.

I feel like I just gained ten pounds writing this but it’s all worth it.