September 2010

I am just dying for the sixth season of HIMYM to start! Seriously though when will the mother finally make an appearance?

I wish it had been Rachel Bilson! I loved the first 3 seasons while the last two was so-so for me. I know some people are beginning to feel restless with the storyline and how weird and off-topic it has become but that’s real life I suppose. There are big moments and little moments and HIMYM tries to point out that you can be affected by both.

Will Ted grow a beard for his wedding??? I hope not!


Lee Radziwill is depicted as the fashionable younger sister of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. Certainly not as famous as her legen-wait for it!-dary sister, Lee holds her own as a chic, pretty icon of style and scandal. If Jackie inherited her mother, Janet Auchincloss’s more aloof disposition, Lee inherited her father, Black Jack Bouvier’s flamboyant, playboy ways (ironic, since Jackie was closer to Black Jack and it has been said that Lee is her mother’s favorite).

In truth, Lee Radziwill presents an immaculate image of herself – this classically beautiful and stylishly dressed woman, however, is something of a playgirl, a sometime alcoholic and a one-time hard-up middle-aged woman, struggling to survive the New York social scene.

The following are some of the Lee Radziwill pictures I’ve collected over the years:

Grandma Bouvier holds the baby Lee (who is just so adorable!) while big sister Jackie, shies from the camera, seated on the ground at far left. Standing at far right is Little Edie Beale.

Jacqueline Lee Bouvier stands by her baby sister, Caroline Lee’s pram. Jackie resembled their swarthy father while Lee inherited Janet’s dainty features.

Even as little girls, one can see how these children would be eye-candy in the world’s stage.

This is one of my favorite pictures of the young Jackie and Lee. It features Jackie’s strong sense of self – with her chin tilted up (she knew how to soften the squareness of her face for the camera) and the defiantly playful look in her eyes. Lee, shown here with a gentle smile and rather weak posture, is very much the kid sister.

Jackie and Lee in their 1950 European trip. I’m liking Jackie’s slacks and Lee’s top. Baring one’s legs in the early ’50’s – that was Lee.

One of my greatest regrets was never seeing Lee’s debutante ball dress. Here she and Jackie prepare for a sitting at a debutante party. Lee looks vibrant and Jackie more reserved. I love Jackie’s gown with its sash.

Lee looks really bitchy here and Jackie’s wide-set eyes are accentuated here in an unflattering way but she looks hauntingly exotic.

Jackie and Lee return from their European junket. They look pretty tired here as Lee looks haggard and Jackie looks downright ugly here – with her hair awry like that.

Lee with Black Jack Bouvier. He looks like a failure at this point and she has that look she would later give paparazzis in the ’60’s and ’70’s.

As with her debutante dress, Lee’s wedding dress during her first marriage was never published to my knowledge. I long to see her dress – which I have to believe is better than Jackie’s pouffy dress. Lee looks pretty here as the matron of honor.

Lee is at the height of her beauty here but what is it with the skanky pose?


The following photos feature Lee with her sister during the Kennedy years

And one picture from the 1970’s:

but Mrs. Tom Cruise is nothing compared to America’s Queen in terms of style. See the following photos of both women, casually strolling by with their children.

Jackie, in her signature scarf and coat, holding Caroline’s hand. A completely relaxed picture of mother and daughter before JFK won the election.

And we have Katie Holmes, who honest to God, looks like some skanktron. I mean, she should have taken a leaf out of Isabella, her step-daughter’s cue, and worn comfortable flats. The height and style of her heels plus the length of her dress is darn awful slutty looking. And Katie’s legs seem huge.

Suri looks so cute but you can imagine the problems she might give her parents if they continue to indulge her at every whim.

I love the classic Roger Vivier pump with its square buckles.

I found two photos of Jacqueline Kennedy, by then a widow living in New York after John Kennedy’s assassination, swathed in fur and sporting Vivier classics for shoe candy:

Both photos courtesy of Corbis