Am still hooked into this Desperate Housewives-meets-Gossip Girl TV show, thirteen episodes aplenty. The following are my observations

I’ve always found Aria as the most interesting dresser (and Spencer as more my type) but this animal-print/ short denim shorts ensemble left me cold. I found it downright trampy looking; it’s a good thing Aria does not have the slut aura (Sasha Pieterse as Ali has that vibe nailed down).

I did adore Spencer’s ’20’s inspired look (with the cloche hat). It was such a classic yet it came off as so contemporary.

And Alex and Spencer are my favorite love team 🙂 They look so good together one forgets that in real life, the girl is five years older than the guy.


So the big surprise that left PLL fans dangling on a cliffhanger for three months is that Noel Kahn was the one who wrote “I SEE YOU” on Mr. Fitz’s rear window and so Hanna mistakenly thought he was A. Don’t get me wrong – Noel does turn out to be something nasty yet I still have an incredible crush on him (right after Andrew Garfield). But his character is not as sharp as A; I never thought for one minute that he was A.

Am not a huge fan of Ezra-Aria since I always thought Ezra was a geek who gives English teachers a bad name. But… I did warm up to that “last night” Aria and Ezra had in his apartment and I appreciated that touch when A saved the relationship by slipping in midterm answer keys in Noel’s locker. However, it might be some curse in disguise.

Hanna as an invalid is not a good look for her plus I could totally relate to Ashley Marin when mother and daughter uncovered that the (stolen) stash of cash was missing. Really, a lasagna box was the safest place? I did feel sorry for her when she was eating Hefty Hanna’s cupcake order (but who creates cupcakes topped with frosted piglets, anyway?) The paper towel dispenser was an excellent touch – A. expecting Hanna to throw up the food but then she failed. The girls really should be less predictable; Hanna threw the first challenge her way.


So far, the show has also explored the saga of Emily and Maya. Frankly, as a girl, seeing their make-out scenes and footsie sessions and candle-light moments makes me squeamish. I find Emily the most conventionally attractive and Maya just has this unlikeable vibe.I totally side with Mrs. Fields: “The whole thing makes me sick… sick to my stomach!”

Another shocker was the sudden marriage and subsequent family planning of Ian and Melissa. Of course, that Hilton Head resort tag coupled with the video of Alison with Ian, ending with Alison’s still arm puts him right at the center of all the mystery and intrigue. I applaud that porch scene with Jenna and Toby Cavanaugh – when he stood up to her and she slapped him. At least that relationship has been cleared up.

Can’t wait for the next episodes – what else would Hanna do for the cash, the Ian element and the continuing Ezra-Aria saga.