I’ve always been a huge fan of accessories – chandelier earrings from my college days (and first few years of work), layered necklaces, bangles, etc. They easily jazz up just about any outfit and can do without those tacky labels and signature brands.

Well, during the school fair, I chanced upon an interesting zircon cocktail ring, which re-ignited by fondness for vintage, one of a kind pieces. I checked out Accessorize at Shang but the commercial side of that boutique assures you that someone else will have the same accessory as you. I then looked to the internet and combed through Multiply – still famous for online sellers. I was always wary of online purchases – until late last year when I tried out Amazon.com. When I saw the pieces sold by http://cocktailbar.multiply.com/, I was hooked. Coincidentally, the seller, Stephanie Yu, had just uploaded a photo album of cocktail rings for just 130 each. I purchased these finger baubles:
















I then perused other photo albums and fell in love with these stacked bracelets (also a Spring Summer 2011 trend) so I picked them up for a very reasonable 195Php.







For an extra seventy pesos for shipping (within the Metro), these were delivered to me within 24 hours from the time I deposited into her account. It helps that Steph was very accommodating and patient with the usual questions (material, size, shipping, etc.) The quality of the pieces is good for the price and I just know these’ll add some definite pick-me-up to even my most tried-and-tested tees and jeans summer ensemble. I am very pleased and excited with them.

So, don’t forget:http://cocktailbar.multiply.com/, where, as the site encourages one to, “Browse through an assortment of select pieces of accessories. Mix your own concoctions and discover what intoxicates you. Be your own bartender.”

Pictures taken from the Cocktail Bar multiply site.