Am so glad I was still a baby in the ’80’s – because Kate Middleton’s classic with an edge clothing choices totally kicks the ruffles and color-coded style of Princess Diana.

Am not really a fan of blue – especially royal blue – but it does set off her brown hair and her sapphire engagement ring. It is a very safe choice for the first of many official events.

I love the cut of the dress and the accessories but am really not warming up to Kate’s color choices. I suppose her official role restricts her use of color but she’s 29 – not 59!

Finally, some red-on-black action. I love how Kate puts everything together – the red-trimmed gloves, black belt and those boots!

(I envy how people abroad can play with their styles and their clothes. Living in the Philippines can mean that people expect you to look mainstream – when gypsy skirts are in, wear gypsy skirts, when chandelier earrings are out, do not sport them. There is little tolerance for true, individual style in my country.)

Looking forward to more Kate Middleton – the brunette who combines the down-to-earth appeal of Princess Diana, the brainy aura of Jacqueline Kennedy and the off-the-rack preferences of Michelle Obama.

There is a new style icon for this generation πŸ™‚