Jackie Kennedy has the style and the allure but when it came to beauty – the conventional prettiness – Joan Kennedy has the lion’s share. Hers was a blonde beauty that recalled the likes of Dina Merrill:

However, Joan has little of the sophistication of divine Dina and even less of the inner strength that Jackie possessed. She was the artless blonde, the gentle one.

With Ted after their wedding. Of course we all know what Ted will look like 30 years from 1958 – bloated and beefy. But he sure was a good-looking fella back then and Joan was the perfect foil for him.

With Ted, Teddy, Jr and Kara.

One of my favorite portraits of Joan. She looks sleek and sharp and sophisticated here. And darn gorgeous!


I love this picture of Joan and her kids. It highlights the best thing about her – her naturalness. The hair pulled back by a hairband, the classic sheath, the kids.


Notwithstanding the gi-normous  bouffant, Joan retained her lovely looks well into tragedy-stricken days – Jack’s assassination, Ted’s near-fatal plane crash, RFK’s assassination, Chappaquiddick. Alcohol ultimately destroyed her looks, her figure and her self-confidence long before her marriage came to an end.