December 2011

I never really considered Grace Kelly to be a style icon – I felt she was a good dresser because she had good sense and ready access, first to Hollywood designers and then to the best couturiers as Princess de Monaco. However, the lady did have that charm and, well, grace.

I’ve been watching and re-watching FRIENDS and Golden Girls for the past month because, quite frankly, their story lines are far more engaging.






I was in fifth grade when FRIENDS started and a incoming college senior when it ended. I couldn’t understand some of the allusions then and their concerns were alien to my own circumstances. However, as I turn 28 today, I realize that I should have watched all ten seasons after college graduation.

As for the Golden Girls, I was two when it came out and about nine when it ended. Still, their plot lines crack me up… I only wish I understood their references.

Meanwhile the current TV shows I’ve been watching have left me indifferent at most:



HIMYM should just have lasted for only five seasons. The seventh is such a bore with the most forced plot lines. At this point only Robin and Barney are interesting and apart from Lily’s growing belly, there is no character development left for Marshall, Lily and Ted. Blah. The TV show is now only a waste of space in my external hard drive (the first three seasons were so witty and engaging, though).


Modern Family has its share of quirky characters I love – Jay, Cam and Mitchell topping my list. But the episodes have been hot or miss at most – misses mostly. The first season was gold, the second had its moments and the third is just, so-s0.






As for my guilty pleasure, Pretty Little Liars, thank goodness there are four girls to dress up and accessorize. The plot has expanded to include so many people and so many twists, it’s insane. It’s hard to believe that these teenage girls have more on their plate than the quartets from Sex and the City and Golden Girls.