2012 begins auspiciously for the Casiraghi-Grimaldi family with Hello magazine reporting that Charlotte Casiraghi has broken up with her main squeeze of four years, Alex Dellal.



Alex is not the most popular of Charlotte’s boyfriends (in the blogosphere, Charlotte watchers have preferred Alex Winckler) but the news that Grace Kelly’s eldest granddaughter has found new love made for a salacious read. Her new boyfriend is allegedly a man fifteen years her senior, the comedian and actor Gad Elmaleh. Frankly, one can’t put much credence yet as the two have yet to be photographed and then in an uncompromising position too.

All we’ve had so far are composite pictures such as this – and Charlotte’s picture is from a Chanel fashion show from 2006. The lovely Monegasque HAS been snapped leaving Elmaleh’s apartment:

Will wait and see for more revelations. Charlotte does look remarkably happy here – for someone who has supposedly just broken up with a long-term boyfriend.

The age gap between Charlotte and Elmaleh just might remind the former’s mother, Princess Caroline, of her first husband (who was around seventeen years older than her):

Could history be repeating itself?