I have seen through two and a half episodes of Jane by Design. I have all four episodes in my external hard drive and am tempted to delete them. I just find the premise and the acting so terribly off.

Don’t get me wrong – I have my own guilty pleasures when it comes to TV shows. FRIENDS and HIMYM are mainstream favorites but then Pretty Little Liars is my deep-dark-double-dutch-tub  guilty pleasure. The deceit, the scheming, the surveillance can be too much but I love the whole secrets-and-danger element.

But Jane By Desing’s high school girl-fashion executive assistant is just too much of a stretch. I wanted to like the show because of the title and the fashion appears unique and wearable. But the plot just demands too much of a suspension of my disbelief I just find the show so belch.

First, Jane annoys me. She’s supposed to be more mature for her age (with her mom leaving them, her dad’s death, the impending eviction) yet she seems so naive. And this makes me hate India, Gray’s second-in-command, because how could she allow that doe-eyed cluelessness outwit her? One proof of Jane’s naiveté is that all India has to do to create chaos is invite everyone to an exclusive only party. When villains are weak, it’s an indicator of just how limited the protagonist is.

Same goes for the company Jane keeps – like her best guy friend, Billy. How he allows himself to hold up one stall in the girls’ washroom with all Jane’s clothes is beyond… human. No girl would do that, no dog would do that. If Jane had been sharper and smarter, with a dash of attitude and none of the saccharine sweetness, it just might work. Like if Jane had something on Billy.

Finally, Andie MacDowell as Gray is one lousy Anna Wintour-wannabe. She poses and struts but I just cannot find the viciousness and the perfectionism. For one she seems so out of touch from her workplace – and any leader will tell you to hold the fortress as a matter of national security. The whole globe-trotting part seems so fake on Andie MacDowell – like she’s not sophisticated enough to even portray a jet-setter. She does look like a Botox ad.

That time she had Jane break up her romance with Brad was just too much, too silly. Handing over a personal matter to your subordinate just might be asking for it.

Overall, this Jane by Design has sunk on the runway and in my review. What a waste of time and imagination. And what does “Jane by Design” even mean here? Why waste a perfectly promising title on an inane character, whose puppy attitude matches only that of her best guy Billy?