So these pretty little liars are certified Minkettes… except maybe Emily?

Hanna carries this white tote with the signature Minkoff tassels… Am sorry though but this is not a pretty bag. It totally detracts from the remains of Hanna’s outfit.

Hanna with another Minkoff miss – this straw tote that looks pretty scratchy. I know you bring these bags to the beach but a little structure would have been nice. It looks pretty lumpy and soft.

Hanna is the certified Minkette, closing in on her fourth – a studded and quilted Matinee – which she uses while visiting Mona in the asylum. I like it aesthetically but with all the issues I’ve read about studs falling here, I think I’ll be fine just ogling it (like some painting).

I’ll be honest. I adore this blue MAC Whipstitch on Spencer – I was so close to purchasing it. Then I stumbled on some complaints about the MAC clutch. So I have second thoughts because the Whipstitch looks better with the strap. The easiest solution for Minkettes with broken MAC straps is to carry them as a clutch but on this style? Nope. Suddenly, I think I’ll be okay with the MAC Mini for formal events.


And little wonder that Hanna is the Pretty Little Minkette – her mother is the Momma Minkoff herself. Here we get a glimpse of Ashley’s Nikki hobo.