Pretty Little Liars

So these pretty little liars are certified Minkettes… except maybe Emily?

Hanna carries this white tote with the signature Minkoff tassels… Am sorry though but this is not a pretty bag. It totally detracts from the remains of Hanna’s outfit.

Hanna with another Minkoff miss – this straw tote that looks pretty scratchy. I know you bring these bags to the beach but a little structure would have been nice. It looks pretty lumpy and soft.

Hanna is the certified Minkette, closing in on her fourth – a studded and quilted Matinee – which she uses while visiting Mona in the asylum. I like it aesthetically but with all the issues I’ve read about studs falling here, I think I’ll be fine just ogling it (like some painting).

I’ll be honest. I adore this blue MAC Whipstitch on Spencer – I was so close to purchasing it. Then I stumbled on some complaints about the MAC clutch. So I have second thoughts because the Whipstitch looks better with the strap. The easiest solution for Minkettes with broken MAC straps is to carry them as a clutch but on this style? Nope. Suddenly, I think I’ll be okay with the MAC Mini for formal events.


And little wonder that Hanna is the Pretty Little Minkette – her mother is the Momma Minkoff herself. Here we get a glimpse of Ashley’s Nikki hobo.



I am a huge fan of the Pretty Little Liars and of Rebecca Minkoff bags (since I saw Vanessa Hudgens tote the Wine Matinee). So, naturally when the girls of Rosewood start toting Minkoff bags, I went on Minkette alert ๐Ÿ™‚


Hanna starts off with a MAM Bombe bag which is just divine ๐Ÿ™‚

Then annoying Kate (annoying because she pulled quite a lousily executed stunt) comes out with a MAC mini. And in true Mona fashion: “Is that the new Rebecca Minkoff?” Honestly, the bag spruced up Kate’s Victorian attire (complete with pearl choker)



After a serious lip lock with Toby, Spencer comes out all smiley with her Paramor satchel.


UP NEXT: Pretty Little Liars turned Minkettes

I’ve been watching and re-watching FRIENDS and Golden Girls for the past month because, quite frankly, their story lines are far more engaging.






I was in fifth grade when FRIENDS started and a incoming college senior when it ended. I couldn’t understand some of the allusions then and their concerns were alien to my own circumstances. However, as I turn 28 today, I realize that I should have watched all ten seasons after college graduation.

As for the Golden Girls, I was two when it came out and about nine when it ended. Still, their plot lines crack me up… I only wish I understood their references.

Meanwhile the current TV shows I’ve been watching have left me indifferent at most:



HIMYM should just have lasted for only five seasons. The seventh is such a bore with the most forced plot lines. At this point only Robin and Barney are interesting and apart from Lily’s growing belly, there is no character development left for Marshall, Lily and Ted. Blah. The TV show is now only a waste of space in my external hard drive (the first three seasons were so witty and engaging, though).


Modern Family has its share of quirky characters I love – Jay, Cam and Mitchell topping my list. But the episodes have been hot or miss at most – misses mostly. The first season was gold, the second had its moments and the third is just, so-s0.






As for my guilty pleasure, Pretty Little Liars, thank goodness there are four girls to dress up and accessorize. The plot has expanded to include so many people and so many twists, it’s insane. It’s hard to believe that these teenage girls have more on their plate than the quartets from Sex and the City and Golden Girls.


Jackie Kennedy has the style and the allure but when it came to beauty – the conventional prettiness – Joan Kennedy has the lion’s share. Hers was a blonde beauty that recalled the likes of Dina Merrill:

However, Joan has little of the sophistication of divine Dina and even less of the inner strength that Jackie possessed. She was the artless blonde, the gentle one.

With Ted after their wedding. Of course we all know what Ted will look like 30 years from 1958 – bloated and beefy. But he sure was a good-looking fella back then and Joan was the perfect foil for him.

With Ted, Teddy, Jr and Kara.

One of my favorite portraits of Joan. She looks sleek and sharp and sophisticated here. And darn gorgeous!


I love this picture of Joan and her kids. It highlights the best thing about her – her naturalness. The hair pulled back by a hairband, the classic sheath, the kids.


Notwithstanding the gi-normous ย bouffant, Joan retained her lovely looks well into tragedy-stricken days – Jack’s assassination, Ted’s near-fatal plane crash, RFK’s assassination, Chappaquiddick. Alcohol ultimately destroyed her looks, her figure and her self-confidence long before her marriage came to an end.

Pretty Little Liars has just shown its 18th episode (leaving four more till the end of the first season) and I must say that the second batch is just not as compelling as the fall shows. I’ve started paying closer attention to the clothes and accessories (and have started watching the first ten episodes just to focus on the PLL fashionscape).

The following are my favorite pieces and only Hanna, Aria and Spencer make the cut (while I find Emily the prettiest, her sporty lifestyle leaves me cold).

I loved Hanna’s sequin-embellished top but I seriously lusted after her green OR by Oryany hobo. She must’ve used this for about three episodes and I like how the bag appears to fulfill both function and flair. The top is more social than school but if you’re Queen Bee, you can work it with such aplomb. I wish the actress who plays Mona played Hanna instead; Ashley Benson has little of the Mean Girl/glamazon vibe.

Aria’s green fringed top is as noteworthy as her convertible Elliott Lucca bag (which she used for over four episodes). Both pieces can be worn straight from school (or work) to dinner and drinks to wind the day down.

Spencer stepped up in the sartorial department with this ’20’s inspired ensemble. The cloche-style hat, the grey vest, lace skirt and burgundy scheme – preppy meets vintage.

The Juicy Couture cape Spencer wore when she paid a visit to Toby is another excellent piece. My only frustration is, one rarely needs such capes in tropical Philippines (one usually needs a raincoat).


Looking forward to four more episodes of PLL style (and hopefully the storyline improves)

Am still hooked into this Desperate Housewives-meets-Gossip Girl TV show, thirteen episodes aplenty. The following are my observations

I’ve always found Aria as the most interesting dresser (and Spencer as more my type) but this animal-print/ short denim shorts ensemble left me cold. I found it downright trampy looking; it’s a good thing Aria does not have the slut aura (Sasha Pieterse as Ali has that vibe nailed down).

I did adore Spencer’s ’20’s inspired look (with the cloche hat). It was such a classic yet it came off as so contemporary.

And Alex and Spencer are my favorite love team ๐Ÿ™‚ They look so good together one forgets that in real life, the girl is five years older than the guy.


So the big surprise that left PLL fans dangling on a cliffhanger for three months is that Noel Kahn was the one who wrote “I SEE YOU” on Mr. Fitz’s rear window and so Hanna mistakenly thought he was A. Don’t get me wrong – Noel does turn out to be something nasty yet I still have an incredible crush on him (right after Andrew Garfield). But his character is not as sharp as A; I never thought for one minute that he was A.

Am not a huge fan of Ezra-Aria since I always thought Ezra was a geek who gives English teachers a bad name. But… I did warm up to that “last night” Aria and Ezra had in his apartment and I appreciated that touch when A saved the relationship by slipping in midterm answer keys in Noel’s locker. However, it might be some curse in disguise.

Hanna as an invalid is not a good look for her plus I could totally relate to Ashley Marin when mother and daughter uncovered that the (stolen) stash of cash was missing. Really, a lasagna box was the safest place? I did feel sorry for her when she was eating Hefty Hanna’s cupcake order (but who creates cupcakes topped with frosted piglets, anyway?) The paper towel dispenser was an excellent touch – A. expecting Hanna to throw up the food but then she failed. The girls really should be less predictable; Hanna threw the first challenge her way.


So far, the show has also explored the saga of Emily and Maya. Frankly, as a girl, seeing their make-out scenes and footsie sessions and candle-light moments makes me squeamish. I find Emily the most conventionally attractive and Maya just has this unlikeable vibe.I totally side with Mrs. Fields: “The whole thing makes me sick… sick to my stomach!”

Another shocker was the sudden marriage and subsequent family planning of Ian and Melissa. Of course, that Hilton Head resort tag coupled with the video of Alison with Ian, ending with Alison’s still arm puts him right at the center of all the mystery and intrigue. I applaud that porch scene with Jenna and Toby Cavanaugh – when he stood up to her and she slapped him. At least that relationship has been cleared up.

Can’t wait for the next episodes – what else would Hanna do for the cash, the Ian element and the continuing Ezra-Aria saga.


I cannot wait for January 3!

Okay, so it’s the first day of work but it’s also the premier of the second half of the first season of Pretty Little Liars. I spent about two days watching my favorite episodes – namely, all except the one when Ali’s brother returns and the memorial gets trashed anyway.

I also caught some interviews of actresses Troian Bellisario (Spencer), Lucy Hale (Aria), Ashley Benson (Hanna) and Shay Mitchell (Emily) and these are my observations:

I have a hard time imagining Ashley as the “it” girl of the group because she seemed terribly ill at ease and totally unspontaneous.

Lucy was very perky and friendly while Shay came off as warm and upbeat. Troian is my favorite because she was very self-assured yet spontaneous. All in all, only Ashley was the disappointment.

So, I hope the next episodes are as promising as the show’s first ten ๐Ÿ™‚

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